Katy Kildee is a 20 year old native of Flushing, Michigan. Although she is a photojournalism major, if there’s one thing her life would not be complete without, it’s singing.

She sings with her friends and while alone, in the shower or in her car, at any time and any place she loves to sing. While she has no professional experience, music is a strong part of her life.

Her love of music started at a young age. Although she was not completely surrounded by music as a child, she remembers listening to the music of the Beatles, which was her father’s favorite band. At night, she would fall asleep to him singing Blackbird to her.

As she got older she began to explore other genres of music. Growing up, she listened to the radio on a daily basis. Going into high school, she admired the rebellious attitude of rock music and began to listen to more.

She continued to grow and a friend of her mother’s offered her a new opportunity: she gave her an old piano. Although the instrument was out of tune, Katy began to play with it. After a friend showed her a few simple songs, she started to develop skills on her own. She taught herself the chords to some of her favorite songs so she could sing along. Though she took lessons for a year, she found that the ‘proper’ way to play the piano was not the way she had taught herself. Rather than change her entire way of playing, Katy instead decided to continue on her own without lessons.

Today, Katy continues her connection with music through her love of song. As she said, “I love listening to music, but it’s just not complete until I sing.”


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