Dining Hall Observations

Green adorns the familiar seats of Robinson Residential Dining hall. Green balloons gather on every corner, green garlands hang down from the ceiling, green icing for cookies nestles below the dessert line; it is a St. Patrick’s Day feast.

The students gathered for lunch sit at their tables. Long groups populating long ones, a handful of friends gathered around a booth, while those eating by themselves perch atop a high top or a small side table. Those that are without company eat fast, consuming their food while staring at a book or a phone.

The friends at the table laugh as they talk. Leaning in to listen, using hand gestures. A boy and a girl sat together at a booth, not close enough to be intimate  but just close enough. They leaned in as the other spoke, using smaller gestures, never taking their eyes off the other.

More than once there was the flash of a phone to augment the conversations, showing off some format of media.

The dining hall is full of life.


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